Ian Mccoy- magician

My name is Ian McCoy (www.ianmccoy.com ) and I am a professional mentalist and magician with a world wide reputation. For over a decade I was one of California’s top magical acts and performed all around the world for blue chip companies, Hollywood celebrities, Las Vegas hotels and thousands of private individuals and on TV. I have also performed at Liverpool and Everton FC, The US Open Golf Tournament, Oakland Raiders, Lepardstown Race course Aintree Race course and other sporting events I am also a published author. and have degrees in History and Philosophy. I have incredible routines geared to all age groups and although I perform world class sleight of hand - I am regarded as one of the finest exponents of mentalism and mindreading which is executed in a fun filled manner. The late Robin Williams who I had the pleasure of working with described my magic and mentalism as "world class". .I am, to put it simply, the best in the UK. "My close up presentations are perfect for weddings when my magic and mindreading acts as a great ice breaker for two families coming together for the first time. I can take up the slack during photographs or during any time in the day when people are having cocktails or are waiting for dinner. In deed I can perform at any time of the special day keeping the guests enthralled when I am performing walkabout magic/mindreading – or my world famous close up magic and mentalism around tables. Finally if wanted I can offer a platform show for everybody which is geared to the happy couple."

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