Devil's Horseman

They are still considered as Europe’s Number One Stunt and Trick Riding Display Team. Bringing fast and furious action to your arena. All 3 family members are stars in their own right – Gerard started the Team way back in the 1970s and is a superb horsemaster and consults on many projects. His son Daniel, has worked with Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg on War Horse amongst others. Daughter Camilla, was the head instructor for all the equine stunts etc on the Game of Thrones. All 3 still appear in their displays when available. but their trained teams are professional down to the last stirrup. Offering 4 different shows – Wild West (with a real Stagecoach), Jousting, Chariot Racing and Cossack Trick Riding. With many current films in their portfolios – Lloyds Bank still use their black horses for the famous adverts.

(Arena area required with metal crash barriers… min 75m x 60m)

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