The Falconry School- Ben Long

The Falconry school can provide both the ancient and modern. From the glory days of Medieval or Tudor falconry, when hunting with falcons was carried out from horseback, you can see a superb costumed display of mounted falconry with hawks and falcons, with the ‘cadger’ with his cadge of falcons, as well as pointing dogs, and the whole pageant set to music.

From the cutting edge of falconry, The Falconry School is unique in showing falcons flown to radio-controlled prey and drones. This ultra-modern training technique is suited to the largest venues, and involves the falcon chasing the robot bird high into the sky as it twists, turns and dives to evade pursuit.

The public usually only remember a show because they have seen hawks lost by some demonstrator. With a display by The Falconry School you will remember the actual flight of the falcon or hawk instead!

This is not a mere bird of prey show

The Falconry School seeks to show these fantastic creatures operating in their natural environment – air. At the same time, the presenters will give a fascinating commentary about the glorious history of falconry, its practice as a hunting sport and its place in the modern environment. Displays also include audience participation where volunteers can experience the thrill of a hawk or owl flying and landing on their gloved fist - something the participants will remember forever.

Based in Gloucestershire, The Falconry School is an establishment dedicated to showing best practices in how to care for, handle and fly birds of prey, for the purposes of falconry, and their raptors are displayed in unparalleled feather condition and state of fitness.

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