Stunt Mania

Stunt Mania strive to be the most varied and exciting show in Great Britain, The team is widely recognised and has a fantastic reputation and has even performed live on the BBC ONE SHOW.

The show consists of many different stunts such as BIG distance motorcycle jumps, Quad stunts, Modified roll over bike, Off road buggy stunts and Fire stunts.

We do offer the option to perform our show without fire as we know some grounds don’t allow it.

We offer two completely different 30 minute displays in a day. But we are happy to do one big long show if the venue prefers.

Our riders are very talented and experienced to the top level. They absolutely love to perform their skills to audiences all over the world.

The riders enjoy the amount of support and interest they receive from their audience and are happy to hand out posters at the end of their performance, which they will gladly autograph.

The team are renowned for their dedication and professionalism.

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