Professor Jon's Flea Circus

A full day of fun!

An enchanting, very funny attraction re-creating all the fun of an Edwardian Flea Circus with a touch of humbug, bunkum, comedy and loads of audience participation. Professor Jon’s presentation is unique. The show is guaranteed to produce delight and laughter from adults and to enthral and entrance children. Appearing in the show are Bella the Weightlifting Flea, Madame ZaZa on the tightrope, Danny the Dare-Devil High Diver, Frederico the Flea Cannonball and many more in the cast, all trained from scratch!

The show is colourful with its own sideshow tent and is completely self-contained. The Flea Circus can operate with multiple performances a day lasting between approx 10 & 20 minutes each.

Technical Details: Size – 3m depth x 3.5m frontage, 3.5m height. Risk Assessment and Public Liability Insurance of 10,000,000 provided

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