Jez Avery Stunt Show

Jez Avery’s stunt shows has again thrilled audiences in all parts of the United Kingdom during the 2018 season and continues into the new season with all his tricks and stunts.

Jez offers the Display with 4 different vehicles! The best bits of Jez Avery’s 30 years experience on the outdoor events circuit. … An amazing show on 4 wheels, 2 wheels, one wheel and No wheels and also the ROLLOVER QUAD!!

The show includes wheelies, stoppies, drifting, doughnuts, precision parking and two wheel driving.

Jez performs all his own stunts while delivering his famous commentary keeping the whole family on the edge of their seats and laughing along.

2 X 30 mins different displays

Ideal arena size 60m x 40m on firm and level ground. Arena side parking required 14m x 5m.

PA system with CD Player and head mic required. All health and safety requirements along with 10m PL insurance cover supplied.

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